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What is it?
The Wolf Web is always going to be a free service, however we now offer a higher level of service dubbed "Premium Subscription" for those who desire more functionality and individuality from our site. A premium subscription includes these primary benefits :
  1. A custom status name changable by YOU.
  2. HTML posting access in all message areas. Pretty colors and other cool stuff!
  3. Access to the exclusive "Premium Palace" message board.
  4. A unique "chatterbox" replaces the banner ad on the top right of every page.
  5. Access to the the user search page.
  6. Access to special content objects for the customizable homepage.
  7. Access to the My Buddies page allows you to track your friends and see which of them are online.
  8. The ability to create subfolders within your Photo Gallery.
We are likely to instate more benefits as time goes on. All premium subscriptions will receive all benefits.
Why we do it
The Wolf Web was founded on the premise that we could provide an open forum for people to communicate freely with one another without outside influence. We enjoy hosting content that most outsiders would deem inappropriate. For this reason we have had difficulty attaining monetary support to keep the website functional.
The Wolf Web is not a profitable enterprise. The costs (and TIME) of building and maintaining a website of this magnitude far outweigh the revenue that we receive on a month to month basis. The losses that we incur each month are building up to the point where it is not feasible to run the website without a steady stream of revenue. We have basically become a victim of our own success. We would like to provide continual service to our users without the bombardment of "alternate" (read:ANNOYING) advertising methods. We are currently one of the fastest and most advertising-light sites on the internet. With the help of you, our users, we can keep it this way!
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